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3 a.m. What's Keeping You Up at Night?


3 a.m. - The Podcast on Optimizing Your Impact

3 a.m.: Headliner

“In my life, the stories I have heard from my family, my friends, my community, and from willing strangers all over the world have been the true source of my education." - Holly Near


The power of storytelling to inspire and advise those seeking counsel and answers is well known.
3 a.m. provides those stories through conversations Deb holds with passion-filled purpose-driven people from around the world who are determined to disrupt the status quo to improve the world.


According to traditional Chinese medicine, 3 a.m. is the time in a person’s daily cycle when the body intersects the work of detoxification, rest, recovery, and planning. TMG’s 3 a.m. podcast captures those early morning moments of thinking and planning when these driven leaders awake to wonder what dreams to go after, what next steps to take, and how to fix something gone awry. Their stories will help all those who aspire to change the world.

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