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Jocelyn D. Briddell, Ed.D.
  • Anchor Blogger for TMG's Blogging Out Loud NOW!
  • Affiliated Consultant

Jocelyn comes from a family where making a difference in the community has been perpetuated through social change and community activism.  “This apple” did not fall far from the family tree especially with the lessons she learned from her grandmother.  She always wanted to share what she knew just to help people live better lives.  Because of her family legacy, Jocelyn has spent many years creating spaces for individuals to learn how to become impactful leaders in their respective communities through academic courses, educational programs and training workshops.  


As an administrator in higher education for over thirty years, Jocelyn has had extensive experience in facilities management, program planning and evaluation, fundraising, grant writing, and community collaboration. This has been indicative of her work not only professionally but by volunteering and serving on several boards.  Currently her favorite board is the Nashville Freedom School Partnership Board and she is an active member of the Associate Alumnae of Douglass College where she was honored by receiving the Douglass Medal, the highest honor granted, for her contributions to the Alumnae Association and Douglass College in 2007.  Jocelyn earned her undergraduate degree from Douglass College – Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, a master's degree education from the College of New Jersey and her doctorate in higher education from Nova Southeastern University. 


It wasn’t until Jocelyn came to Nashville, she discovered how much she enjoyed finding money!  She completed the Center for Nonprofit Management (CNM) Certificate for Fund Development as well as successfully completing both grant writing and advanced grant writing CNM workshops.  Since then she has been securing grants that include federal and private foundations.  Helping to procure funding for social impact organizations has been so gratifying these past few years as she believes she can help others become impactful in their own communities.


Jocelyn enjoys several hobbies such as oil painting and furniture restoration, but she really enjoys making wine and canning the most.  Her entrepreneurial spirit is in high gear as she develops a line of vinegars and canned goods created from her grandmother’s techniques.


Jocelyn is very excited to join The Macfarlan Group and bringing her expertise and many of the wonderful lessons she learned  from her grandmother and give back to social impact organizations seeking to find funds to support their work.  Looking forward to getting to know you!

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