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The Macfarlan Group

A Note From Deb:

We believe those who are stirred awake at 3 a.m. by the desire to make the world better deserve unlimited support. Support that calls on the expertise and experience of others to help them disrupt the status quo – to challenge what is – to create solutions to issues including hunger, homelessness, education disparities, justice inequities, addiction, incarceration, issues of mental health, and gender persecution.

I created The Macfarlan Group to build that support for these courageous visionaries. 

Named after my family, The Macfarlan Group carries in our work the spirit of my Mother, Father, and brother Scott who showed me, throughout their lives, what service above self looks like. 

Along with two of his Little League coaching buddies, my Dad started the Saturday Morning Sports Program in Arlington, Virginia: a completely volunteer program that provided playing fields, courts, coaches, uniforms, and equipment to hundreds of socioeconomically marginalized kids. Back in the 60’s and 70’s in the shadow of our Nation’s Capital, my Dad and his friends brought the power of sports to young men who could only participate from the sidelines in the organized leagues of football and basketball. The experience of helping Dad was a part of my normal as a child: doing good with others for others. 

My Mum, exemplified what women could accomplish in community leadership decades before programs were created to signal to the world that the voices of women are required to best serve entities including neighborhoods, schools, and churches. She was the first woman Chair of the Board of Trustees at the church we called home for decades. I have never watched a person work so hard to get Robert’s Rules of Order absolutely correct, create an agenda that moved to desired outcomes, and supply the materials Board members would need to meet challenges facing the church. She had no idea the immense affect her commitment to excellence had on me.

My brother, who possessed an inordinate amount of patience for his youngest and only sibling, showed me how the smartest person in the room can move into positions of leadership with a grace that leveraged his humanity before his intellect. He disarmed everyone with his gentle ability to get to the core of a challenge and figure out how to maximize the talent at hand to achieve the intended outcomes. The essence of the Macfarlan name guides this firm.

The Macfarlan Group started the podcast, 3 a.m. What’s Keeping You Up at Night? because the use of storytelling to share best practices in serving constituents is our favorite way to learn and to share knowledge. Our network of guests is focused on challenging the status quo. Their stories of success – and failures - provide our audience with inspiring actionable steps that can be easily applied to their own efforts of service.

Our blog, Blogging Out Loud NOW! is the brainchild of teammate Dr. Jocelyn Briddell. She has studied leadership most of her career and continues to inspire emerging leaders today. Mix her knowledge with a burning desire to activate thought and action around issues of social injustice, provide a platform, et voila we have a blog that challenges our readers and attracts bloggers from across the country to participate in the ongoing conversation Jocelyn so wisely began.

The incredible growing TMG team also inspires me. Each is committed to the service of supporting nonprofit/social impact organizations by pouring their expertise and experience into our client engagements. From strategic planning, leadership development, and data driven decision making to improve operational effectiveness, Pam, Jocelyn, and Casey serve because they believe in the work of these world changing visionaries. Casey’s work in creating a meaningful summer intern experience for our college students has caused a line of applicants to form each summer. And Pam. Pam brings all of her love for nonprofit/social impact organizations selflessly to the work of The Macfarlan Group. I continue to learn so much from her about serving this sector of organizations and their leaders.

Where are we headed? 

  • Hopefully to an engagement working to make your vision a reality

  • Serving more nonprofit/social impact organizations with an affordable menu of engagement opportunities to reach their intended outcomes and goals

  • Strengthening the passion and purpose of change agents around the world to secure solutions to issues of social injustice and historic inequities 

  • Providing opportunities to develop emerging leaders who will find solutions to the perennial challenges facing our world

  • Connecting leaders within and across ecosystems of systemic social injustice efforts to create a network of action amongst those determined to make the world better

How can you help?

  • Let us know how we can be of service to your team and organization

  • Share our contact information with your favorite nonprofit/social impact organizations

  • Get involved with a nonprofit/social impact organization that speaks to your heart and needs your expertise and experience so it can serve more

Go do good,

Deborah Macfarlan Enright, Ed.D, Founder, CEO

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